May 22, 3:01PM

PARKING The lots closest to the Ballroom are located behind the Mansion. Upon entering, continue beyond the gate house and turn left behind the mansion before the tennis courts.


ENTER through the back door at the bottom of the stairs.


EXIT directly outside of the lobby.


NO CAMPING Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before your competition or stay after your competition. We must clear the ballroom between competitions. Covid protocol cannot permit people to view other competitions. Teachers and one parent may remain in the ballroom to assist dancers. “Extra viewers” are anyone who arrives with the dancer (IE siblings, grandparents, relatives). As the room nears capacity the “extra viewers” will rotate out of the room and renter as the dancer they are with begins dancing. 



Schedule BY GROUP




Stage Schedule


Safe Travels,




May 20, 8:14 AM

Thank you for registering for the Kanaley School Invitational Feis at the Ocean Edge Resort this Sunday May 23rd.


Your number card will be collected at the door. Champions start the heavy round first.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time dressed and ready to dance. You will not be permitted into the ballroom until the last competition has cleared from the room. 


The ballroom has a 100 person capacity, 50 people per room. Every dancer is permitted one viewer per dancer plus family and teachers. If the room is at capacity we will ask the room to rotate for extra viewers to step out of the ballroom and re enter once their dancer is about to perform. 


All dancers perform one at a time consecutively. Each dancer, including champions, will bow where they finish dancing and walk off stage as the next dancer begins. 


Please come with face masks. Hand sanitizer stations will be present. Per MA CDC guidelines regarding indoor recreational sports, dancers do not need to wear a face mask while dancing. Viewers and dancers off stage, please wear a face mask in doors.


Take a moment to familiarize again the updated schedule sent on May 11. 


Schedule BY GROUP



Stage Schedule


We’re looking forward to a beautiful day of dancing.


Kanaley School Invitational Feis 2021

May 11, 12:56PM

Sunday, May 23rd, 2020

The Ocean Edge Resort Ballroom 2907 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631


Register HERE: https://forms.gle/h6vmoGkPBnBXgMSy7


Updated schedule for May 23rd Invitational Feis at the Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster. 


Schedule BY GROUP


Stage Schedule

Stage Diagram


The Kanaley School invitational Feis is fortunate to welcome more dancers. In order for the day to run smoothly, larger competitions have been split by age, two judges have been added, stages have been divided, and the schedule is lengthened.


  • Judges Sheila Cloherty ADCRG and Moira McMahon ADCRG have been added in the afternoon. 

  • All beginner competitions moved to 8:10-9:00.

  • Beginner U9 is a separate competition. 

  • Novice and Prizewinner U10, U11, and U12 have been split by age category

  • Prelim U7, U8, U9 is concurrent with Prelim U10, U11, and U12.

  • Open U15 is a separate competition. 


Please keep in mind


  • TOTAL BALLROOM CAPACITY 100 PEOPLE. 50 people per room.  

  • Dancers must arrive on time prepared to dance. Please exit on time after dancing. No camping. 

  • Masks must be worn while not on the dance floor. Please practice social distancing.  

  • Dancers perform one at a time. Dancers are not required to wear a face mask while performing. 

  • All boys are combined with the girls. 

  • All Open and Preliminary championships are three rounds. 

  • Preliminary Championship is judged two rounds. Sets are separate competition. .



Kanaley School Invitational Feis 2021

April 16, 12:18AM

Sunday, May 23rd, 2020

The Ocean Edge Resort Ballroom 2907 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631


Register HERE: https://forms.gle/h6vmoGkPBnBXgMSy7






ANNOUNCEMENTS: https://www.kanaleyschool.com/copy-of-announcements


CONTACT US: KanaleySchoo@gmail.com


All ages and level dancers please join us on Sunday May 23rd for an Invitational Feis in the ballroom of the Ocean Edge Resort Mansion on Cape Cod. The Kanaley School has coordinated two 28' x 28' stages on risers, live musicians, and 4 judges. The results from this feis will not advance dancers in actual competition. Dancers will receive a score, award, and constructive comments to prepare for the upcoming feiseanna that will count toward level advancement. We hope you'll celebrate with us.  



Sheila Stevens ADCRG

Brenda Crossen ADCRG

Patsy McLoughlin ADCRG

James McLoughlin ADCRG



Danny Burke

Ryan Ward


  • All BOYS will be combined with the girls.

  • Please enter/exit on schedule 

  • Dancers perform one at a time. Dancers are not required to wear a face mask while performing on stage.   

  • Viewers, please wear a face mask and maintain 6 feet distance.

  • 100 person capacity in the ballroom.

  • All Championships are three rounds. Preliminary Championship can either dance a contemporary set or a traditional set. 


Kanaley School Invitational Schedule

April 15, 11:15AM

The Schedule for the Kanaley School Invitational Feis is available. Each group has a start and end time. Please follow this schedule to the best of your abilities. We're looking forward to a great weekend! 


Thank you! 

Kanaley School Invitational Feis Schedule

Kanaley School Invitational Feis Stage Schedule



April 15, 11:13AM

Registration will open this coming Monday evening, April 19 (specific time to be determined).  For all information and updates, please visit the feis


website:  https://cararince.weebly.com/feis.html  


and/or our feis FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MurrayAcademyFeis/


New England Feis Facebook

April 15, 11:12AM

Please find below the link to the New England Region's Feis Information Group Page.  This page will be used as a source for information pertaining to our regional feiseanna.  Although the page is run by our Social Media Committee, they are not responsible for posting information to the page.  Syllabi and other feis information can be posted directly on the page by the public.