Kanaley School Class Feis

September 30th

We are excited to host our first class feis! Please fill out this form to attend HERE. Dancers must be dressed to dance on time, changing rooms are available. One parent is permitted into the studio at a time. Relatives and grandparents can view through the windows. 


FALL 2020

August 18th

Welcome back! 

Classes resume September 8 - December 18th Mondays - Saturdays. 

Classes are held indoors at 604 RT 6A in East Sandwich. Dancers are not required to wear a mask as long as they stay 6 feet apart. Parents must sign a Covid-19 waver when returning to class. 


I hope you are well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.


FALL 2020

Costume Order Deadline September 13th

August 28th

Friends, Prime Dresses is accepting orders for school costumes now until September 13th for a beginning of November delivery. Go to: If you're not sure which costume to choose, please visit our costume page (CLICK HERE)



Thank you!

Summers Session July 13th - August 28th

June 18th

Classes have ended for the Spring, class resumes for the Summer July 13th-August 28th. Private lessons are available Monday-Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 and 1:30-2:30. Private lessons are $60 cash/check, $65 paying online. Registration and payment can be done online:


Classes are small and intimate. Take advantage of this time if you can. 


Our Champions are continuing the morning Zoom work out and drills over the break. No cost. This has been a great opportunity to connect the team, build consistent practice habits, and learn new tips. Zoom classes are Monday - Friday, June 22 - July 10, at 8:30 - 9:10AM. 


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 750 7438 4448

Password: KSID


Thank you for your kind words and support for our school during the Pandemic. Looking forward to getting steadily back on track. 




June 9, 2020

Summer Session July 13th - August 28th

Oireachtas Workshop August 31 - September 3rd

We are reopened. Please do not attend if a member in your household is feeling ill or has a compromised immune system. For anyone that doesn’t want to  join our reopening please stay home and use our free online Zoom classes. If the modified dance schedule does not work for you, please use our free online zoom classes. Upon returning, families must sign a waver that the Kanaley School of Irish Dance is not liable for anyone who attends dance classes and contracts Covid-19. Participants must agree to attend class at their own risk. 


Zoom classes and Google Classroom lessons will continue until June 19th free of charge. Zoom lessons are Monday through Friday from 9:00-9:40 for Beginners-Novice and 8:00-8:40 for Prizewinners-Champions.



At Class


All classes are at 604 RT 6A in East Sandwich. The studio windows and doors will be open for air flow. Frequently touched surfaces are being wiped down between classes. Classes have a maximum of 7 dancers in a lesson. Please do not allow dancers to enter studio sooner then 5 minutes before their scheduled class. Parents, please wait in the car, do not enter the studio or congregate in front of the studio. Hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing will be encouraged. All members, teachers, students, and parents must remain 6 feet apart. It is the dancer’s choice to wear a face mask to class as long as they are remaining 6 feet apart. I will wear a mask. Please “carry in - carry out” all trash. Please do not bring a dance bag. Shoes and waters only in the studio. Students should not bring anything with them they will not need for class. 







Summer Session July 13th-August 28th


Oireachtas Workshop August 30-September 3rd


Fall session September 8th - December 18th. 

Reopening May 4th

April 29, 2020

We will reopen on May 4th per order of the Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker. For further updates please check for clear updated announcements. 

Everyone please comply, stay home, end the spread so that we can reopen on time. 

Thank you all essential business, employees, nurses and medical staff keeping us well. Thank you to all staff working in nursing homes putting in extra efforts to keep the vulnerable members of our community safe and spirits high.

Finally I would like to send a message to our dancers that I MISS YOU. I love you all and I miss the bustle of our studio. I miss the sound of your voices counting out the steps. I miss the door opening and the blinds slapping the window when another dancer walks into class. I miss laying out the blanket every week for our Monday lessons. I miss feeling sweaty and satisfied on my drive home after the Thursday night Champ classes. I miss you including Remy in your routines. I miss telling you to “do it again” in ceili. I miss dancing next to you in class until you get it right. I miss yelling at the top of my lungs because I’m so damn excited when you do it right. I miss you bringing me to tears when you dance your best. Our time away has made me realize the good times out weigh the tough times. It is a privilege to work with all of our dancers and families. Please continue to log onto to Google Classroom to view updated video lessons, meet us Dailey on Zoom, message me your practice videos for frequent feedback, and if you’re having a difficult time staying motivated message me. We’re in this together. I’m here for you to work through the kinks and giving you one-on-one FaceTime sessions regardless of level or experience. Stay connected online stay safe and healthy at home.

Google Classroom Codes

March 23, 2020

Google Classroom Log into Google classroom to have access to video lessons anytime that's available to you and your dancer. This method is the best way for your dancers to have access to the steps, break them down frame by frame and walk themselves through their lessons. If your dancer is having a hard time with this, please message me anytime and I will arrange a FACETIME or private ZOOM lesson to help you through your steps. These methods work for the accuracy of steps but are not ideal when correcting timing because of internet speed and connection errors. Therefore, please message me a video your dancer's steps with the music on for feedback. I have an excellent app called CoachesEYE that I can voiceover your videos, mark it with arrows and circles to point out key areas that need correcting. Your dancer can upload these videos to a private message to me on Google Classroom and I can respond back. We are meeting daily on ZOOM at 5:00. I have taken down the access code online for safety reasonsI encourage anyone who doesn't have the code to message me and I will send it to you. These meetings are vital for our dancers to stay connected as a team to get us through this. Everyone from the school is meeting everyday to review drills and have general discussions about what to look forward to when we get back to class. 

Thank you for your patience with this new method of lessons. Please message me with any of your questions navigating this new system. I look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Google classroom Codes:

Effective Practicing: qzxoo7u

Pre-Beginner: xexbisy

Beginner: ceuo5ou

Advanced Beginner: 2t6yv4t

Novice: hcbuogw

Prizewinner: 3lom7iz

Championship: npcvudr

Trad Set: f4d56wp

ONLINE CLASSES: Google Classroom and Zoom

Classes Resume on Monday, April 6th until Barnstable Schools resume. In the meantime  lessons are on google classroom. Please send videos of your child dancing for quick tips, and corrections. I am able to schedule FaceTime and meetings on Zoom. 


Google Classroom: Downlaod the Google Classroom App, or go to Google Classroom by googling "Google Classroom". In the top right corner click on the "+" and click "Join Class". Enter Beginner code: ans5cr3 ey63kht qdttv7l qiduopg

Google Classroom Instructions:



Send Videos: Email or text a clip of your dancer practicing at home for a chance to be featured on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page. or 774-454-4600


Connect: Everyday at 5:00 dancers of every level can connect via ZOOM. We will talk about practicing from home, troubleshooting steps, general support and discussion about future dance goals.


Topic: Kanaley School of Irish Dance

Time: Mar 23, 2020 05:00 PM Every day




UPDATE: St. Patrick's Day perforamnce and Covid-19

UPdate: 8:17 Sunday, March 15th


All dance outs this weekend have been cancelled. We have cancelled all dance outs on St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday March 17th. 


Thank you!


SCHEDULE CHANGE March 6 - March 7

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the schedule this weekend has changed. The St. Patrick's Day Parade is moved to Sunday, and the Victorian in Chatham has moved to Saturday, times are the same. The Royal Cape Cod Nursing Home scheduled for Saturday, March 7th at 2:00 has canceled due to the flu. Ten Pin Eatery has moved from 12:00 to 1:30 on Sunday March 8th to allow time for dancers to leave the parade and perform. Thank you everyone for your participation and consideration to these changes. 


FLOAT ANNOUNCEMENT please help us with the float! Our trailer will be parked at Platinum Auto Services, 27 Commercial Street, South Yarmouth all day on Saturday. We will be working on it from 1:00-3:00 on Saturday. If you'd like to pop in and decorate, please stop in or contact dance Dad Paul - 508-737-3502. We're looking forward to a big win this year! 


Friday, March 6th

Albertos 5:15 call / 6:00 dance, Team 1

Irish Village 7:00 call / 7:30 dance, Team 2 & Team 3 


Saturday, March 7th 

Victorian, Chatham 10:00 call / 10:30 dance ALL DANCERS

Forestdale School 10:30 call/ 11:00 dance ALL DANCERS

Wellfleet Library 3:30 call / 4:00 dance Team 1

Irish Village 6:15 call / 7:00 dance Team 2


Sunday, March 8th 

St. Patrick's Day Parade 9:00 set up, 10:00 line up, 11:00 march. Last shuttle at 10:15

Ten Pin Eatery 1:00 call/ 1:30 dance Team 2 and ALL

Red Nun 2:30 call / 3:00 performance Team 1 and any Advanced Beginners



Thank you!


No Class 2/18


No Class Friday 2/14 and Monday 2/17

There is no class on Friday 2/14 or on Monday 2/17 for Valentine's Day and the Holiday break. All classes resume at their regular time Tuesday - Friday February 18-21 over vacation. 

Winter Workshop 2020

Day Schedule for Nationals 2020

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Winter 2020

Happy New Year! 

The prices and schedule is adjusting in Winter 2020 to accommodate for the growth that is currently happening at the Kanaley School. Please remember to re-register for the 2020 year. Note there are four pages to sign in the updated Policy and Procedure form 2020. Your registration is incomplete without the policy and procedure form. 


Pre-Beginner $150

Beginner $175

Advanced Beginner $275

Novice & Prizewinner $375

Championship $450

Looking forward to another fantastic year!


2020 Registration Form

2020 Policy and Procedure Form

Christmas 2019

50th Osterville Christmas Stroll

Friday, December 6th 5:30

Osterville Library 43 Wianno Ave, Osterville. 


Hyannis Main Street Holiday Stroll

Saturday, December 7th 1:00


Corner of Main Street and High School Road Extension. (Across from the Police Station). 1:00


Holiday Show

Sunday, December 8th 7:00


Barnstable Comedy Club, 3171 Main Street, Barnstable Village (Next to Barnstable Court House)


Gardens Aglow

Saturday, December 21st 7:00


Heritage Museum and Gardens 67 Grove Street Sandwich


New Years Eve

Tuesday, December 31st 9:00


Cape Cod Irish Village, 822 MA-28, South Yarmouth

Oireachtas Information

Kanaley School Schedule PDF

NERO Schedule

Team Splits


#61 U8 MAY 1, 2011

#62 U9 JUNE 25, 2010

#63 U10 JUNE 25, 2009

#64 U11 JULY 11, 2008

#65 U12 AUGUST 2, 2007

#66 U13 AUGUST 5, 2006

The date listed is the last date of birth for the A split. 



Friday 11/22


7:30 Warm-Ups in Practice room. 


9:00 Girls U13 (A), Bailey Round 1

9:00 Trad Set U11 (D), Priscilla

9:45 Girls U12 (C) Colleen, Nina, Madeline Round 1

10:15 Girls U11 (A) Annabelle, Delaney, Teagan, Violet Round 1

11:00 Girls U13 (A), Bailey Round 2

11:15 Girls U12 ©, Colleen, Nina, Madeline Round 2

11:45 Trad Set U10A (D), Sonja, Autumn, Amelia

12:30 Trad Set U10B (D) Addison

12:30 Girls U11 (A), Annabelle, Delaney, Teagan, Violet Round 2

1:15 Trad Set U7 (D) Grace

1:30 Girls U13 (A), Bailey Round 3

2:00, Girls U12 © , Colleen, Nina, Madeline Round 3

3:15 Girls U11 (A) Annabelle, Delaney, Teagan, Violet Round 3

3:30 Trad Set U8A (D), Will, Leila, Chloe, Lauren

4:00 Trad Set U9B (D) Annie


Saturday 11/23


7:15 Warm-Ups in Practice Room


8:15 Boys U15 (A), Jonathan Round 1

8:30 Girls U16 (A), Charlotte Round 1

9:00 Trad Set U12A (D), Niamh

9:30 Trad U15 (D), Erika

10:00 Trad U12B (D), Emily, Kateri, Lexi

10:45 Boys U15 (A), Jonathan Round 2

11:00 Girls U16 (A), Charlotte Round 2

11:45 Trad U13B (D), Tanner & Patrick

12:30 Boys U15 (D), Jonathan Round 3

1:15 Trad U16 (D) Leanna

2:00 Girls U16 (A), Charlotte Round 3

5:30 Mass in Ballroom D

Sunday 11/24


8:00 Warm-Up in Practice Room. (Please arrive dressed)


9:00 U12A, 4Hand Team C (B) Emily, Niamh, Addison, Autumn


9:00 U12B, 4Hand Team B (C), Annabelle, Violet, Priscilla, Sonja

        U12B, 4Hand Team A (C), Madeline, Delaney, Teagan, Nina


9:45 Girls Ceili U12 (C) Madeline, Delaney, Teagan, Nina, Annabelle, Violet, Priscilla, Sonja


10:45 U10 Mixed 4 Hand (A), Leila, Will, Lauren, Annie


10:45 Girls Ceili U15 (B), Annabelle, Erika, Emily, Niamh, Tanner, Bailey, Lexi, Colleen


1:30 U15B, 4Hand (C) Colleen, Lexi, Bailey, Tanner


2:45 Mixed 4 Hand 15+ (A) Jonathan, Leanna, Erika, Charlotte

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Workshop Scheudle 11/15-11/18

Oireachtas Day Schedule

Costume Orders due September 6.


Prime dress costume orders are due by Friday, September 6. Late entries will receive a $15 late fee. Please understand that late entries effect the delivery date of the all school costumes. To be fair, please submit your order before this date.

For the parents ordering cuffs only - Make a direct payment on the website for $38.  At checkout, there will be a place to select to order cuffs. Type in dancer's wrist measurement.  

Skirt- Any dancer under 10 years old can order a school skirt. 

Jumper- Any dancer over 13 years old can order a jumper. Dancers younger then 13 must be in Novice or on a matching team. 

Maroon Costume- Any dancer 15+years. Dancers between ages 13-15 who are in Prizewinner and have a position on a team can order a maroon costume. 

New England Oireachtas 2019

Oireachtas, Hartford CT Convention Center November 22-24 The fee is $250. This includes extra practices, Liam attending, and your child's admission fee. All admission is due by October 1st. Please let me know who's interested in going for either teams or solos. 


Oireachtas Eligability 

Teams - Any dancer who regularly attends team practice. Teammates who miss 3 or more practices from September 3 to November 19th CANNOT participate at the Oireactas and will have their understudy fill the position. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Traditional Set - Dancers in U7, U8, and U9 who know the St. Patrick's Day well before October 1st and can attend the extra practices on Fridays are welcome. Dancers in U10+ who have placed 1st in St. Patrick's Day by October 1 are eligible to attend the Championships. 

Solos - A dancer who has placed 1st in all dances in Prizewinner by October 1 or has placed top 5 at the previous Oireachtas. 


Oireachtas Required Practices 


Friday Night Practice 

~Trad Set 6:15-7:00

~Teams 7:00-7:30

~Solos 7:30-8:15


Oireachtas Workshop - August 19-23 $120. 


Schedule 8/19-8/21 

HP - 8:00-9:00

Reel - 9:00-10:00

Jig - 10:00-11:00

SJ 11:00-12:00

Sets 12:00-1:00

4-Hands 2:00-3:00

8-Hands 1:00-2:00

Trad Sets (Not St Pats) 3:00-4:00

St. Patrick's Day Trad Set 4:00-5:00


Schedule 8/22-8/23

Kilkenny Races 8:00-8:30

King of the Faries 8:30-9:30

Vanishing Lake 9:30-10:00

Storyteller 10:00-11:00

Technique Drills (All level dancers) 11:00-12:00***

4-Hands 1:00-2:00

8-Hands 12:00-1:00

Trad Sets (Not St Pats) 2:00-3:00

St. Patrick's Day Trad Set 3:00-4:00


*** Dancers in beginner-Champs welcome at this hour to review stamina, rhythm, and turn out. Drop in for dancers not attending the workshop is $15.

Summer Recess

There is no class July 29-September 3. Championship practices only August 19-23.

NO Class 6/17

There is no class tonight, June 17th. Majority have last day of school activities, I'd rather dancers get the most value and make it to all their classes. Make up tonights lesson at your convenience. If your dancer cannot attend their class Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday make it up at any of these times as well. 


Here's the schedule, drop into any class free of charge any time that works for you by July 29th:


Monday 4:30-5:30 (ON July 29th)

Tuesdays 4:00-4:30

Wednesdays 4:00-4:30

Thursdays 3:30-4:00

Fridays (Bourne) 4:30-5:30

Saturdays (Saturdays end June 29th) 11:30-12:30.


If none of these days or times work for you, I'll credit your account. 


Thank you and I hope this message finds you in time,


NO Class 5/28

There is no dance class tonight 5/28. I'm sorry for the short notice I have to drive our workshop instructor to the airport. There is a free make up class on Saturday for anyone who'd like to attend. Champs 8:30-10:30, 10:30-12:00 all other levels. 


Thank you and I hope this message reaches you in time. 


All the best


NO Mommy and Me 5/20

There is no Mommy and Me Class Monday, May 20. There is no Mommy and Me on Memorial Day. Have a great week! 

April Vacation

No Class Friday 4/12 - Tuesday 4/16 I will return all messages on after Tuesday, 4/16. Please do not text message me. Thank you!


April Vacation Class Schedule - All Wednesday-Friday evening classes are regularly scheduled. Drop in afternoon classes are offered for $15. Instead of designating Friday as the beginner make up. Beginners/Advanced Beginners may attend one beginner drop in class of their choice during the week as their make up. The schedule is as follows:


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4/17-4/19



Novice / PW


Beginner/Advanced Beginner


Teams (Free)


No Class 3/25

There is no class tonight 3/25. I'm extremely sorry for the short notice. All pre-beginner, Beginner, and Advanced Beginner classes make up is Saturday March 30 from 10:30-12:00. Novice, Prizewinners are also welcome to this class at no extra charge. 


Thank you,


Spring Feis

The Cape Cod May Feis is now open. This is a Ceili Feis. THE ONLY ceili feis this Spring. Solos are Saturday, May 11. Teams and champions are Sunday, May 12 (Mother's Day). 


The following Feis' are great feis' to sign up for: 


Bracken Black Out & School Feis 4/27&2/28, Byfield MA

Cape Cod Feis 5/11 & 5/12, Hyannis MA

Green O'Leary Feis 6/1, West Roxbury MA

Irish Cultural Feis, 6/8, Canton MA

Irish Heritage Feis, 6/9, Saugus MA

Greater Boston Irish Dance Teachers Feis, 6/16 Randolph MA


Not all feis' are open yet. Sign up early on Feis' will fill capacity often before the deadline. Incomplete or unpaid entries will be void. If this is your first feis, please understand that community service (nursing home visits, or any public performance) is required before registering. Follow the prompts on Feisweb and create a student profile. Feis' are NOT REQUIRED for class participation or class advancement. Only students that are motivated by competition should register. 


Email with any questions. Practice and have fun!


St. Patricks Day Parade Information

Parking: Park at the Town and Country Motel on Route 28 and shuttle to Our Lady of the Highway. The parade ends at Town and Country Motel. 


Pick Up/Drop off: The shuttle starts at Town and Country and will first drop off at Skull Island then to Our Lady of the Highway. Get off at Our Lady of the Highway. The first shuttle starts at 8:30 and the last shuttle is at 10:20. Car drop off is at Pizzazz. Attached is a map. The big arrow is Our Lady of the Highway. Only floats are permitted to enter the parking lot. 


Float: We are section A6. Meet at Our Lady of the Highway Chapel. Judging is at 9:30AM. Assembly is 9:00-10:00. We begin walking at 11:00. The parade is 3 miles long. The float will have pre-beginner dancers, senior dancers in costume, and members of CCVS waving and throwing candy. 


After - We finish around 12:00. We put on a brief performance for the grand marshall and disembark at the CVS on the corner of Higgins Crowell Road. Dancers will perform at the Sea Dog and the Sons of Erin for anyone who'd like to go there afterwards and warm up. 


Celebrate life, make people smile, have a great time is our motto this year. I hope anyone who'd like to participate will do so. This is the biggest turn out of participants for the parade. Have a great time! :) 



Nursing Home Tour Rescheduled to 3/23

Due to the inclement weather, the Nursing Home Visit scheduled for today is moved to March 23. Please stay safe and warm! 


Maplewood of Brewster - 820 Harwich Road, Brewster. 10:00 arrival 10:30 performance. 


Wingate Residences at Brewster Place - 855 Harwich Road Brewster. 10:00 arrival, 10:30 performance. 

No Class 2/12

Due to today's forecast, Barnstable Public Schools will dismiss students early. The Kanaley School will not have class this evening due to the inclement weather. 



Free Drop in 2/9, February Workshop, Tin Whistle Classes

Free Drop-In Class tomorrow 2/9. Champs 8:30-10:30. AB, NOVICE/PW 10:30-12:00. This is to make up for cutting class early during the week and yesterdays cancellation. 


Liam Workshop 2/16-2/20 Spots are still available for all levels to participate in the Workshop with Liam Tighe. 


Novice and Prizewinner  8:30-10:30, $375/$75 per day. Learning the Monleyux Black Bird and step revisions


Beginner/ Advanced Beginner 10:30-11:30 $250/$50 per day. Step revisions and technique drills. 


Championship 12:00-4:00 $550. Contemporary sets and step revisions. 


Tin Whistle Classes offered Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 for all ages and levels. $50

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Winter Session

Dear Parents, 

It has been a pleasure to work with everyone this Fall session. I can't believe how quickly the time passed and the progress we made last session. A few announcements:


Costume - To receive a school costume in time for St. Patrick's Day, please submit measurements and a deposit to Or see our website: Beginners and Advanced Beginners wear the school skirt ($150), Novice and Prizewinners wear the white jumper ($250), and Champions and dancers in U15+ wear the full Maroon costume ($650). There are a few small school skirts available for sale in the studio for anyone who'd like to purchase used.  


Winter Session 1/7-4/19 Next week will be the last class of the session. Please find the schedule for the Winter session below. Let me know if there are any problems. I am moving a few classes to an earlier time in the evening. Payment for the Winter session is due before February 1st to avoid the $20 late fee. Pre-Beginner is $150, Beginner is $165, Advanced Beginner is $250, and Novice-Championship is $350. 



Mommy & Me 2:30-3:30

Pre-Beginner 4:00-4:30

Beginner 4:30-5:30

Advanced Beginner 5:30-6:30

Intro to Ceili 6:30-7:00

Adult 7:00-8:15



Beginner 4:00-4:30 (Class of fewer then 6 students)

Novice/Prizewinner 4:30-6:00

Teams 6:00-7:00

Contemporary Sets 7:00-8:00



Advanced Beginner 4:30-5:30

U8 & U10 Ceili 5:30-6:00

Novice 6:00-7:00



Prizewinner 4:00-5:30

Champ Jig/SJ 5:30-6:30 (Annabelle, Bailey, & Delaney)

Drills 6:30-7:00

Champ R/HP 7:00-9:00 (Colleen, Madeline, Nina, Charlotte, Coral, Ella)


Friday (Opens in February 1 - March 1) (Opens March 22 - April 12)

Champs Only


Saturday Drop in $15 begin February 2nd. 

Regilar classes resume, Monday November 26

Classes resume Monday, November 26. Party on Sunday, November 25 at 1:00 at the Irish Village. Come if you can! All levels welcome. Free buffet food, football, dancing, and the bar will be open.


Thank you everyone for your extreme generosity to our family with your thoughtful gifts and messages. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Practice room #21 at the Oireachtas

New England Oireachtas Schedule and Splits

Kanaley School Oireachtas 2018 Schedule (PDF)

NERO Website

New England Oireachtas 2018 Schedule (Friday)

New England Oireachtas 2018 Schedule (Saturday)

New England Oireachtas 2018 Schedule (Sunday)

4 Hand Splits

Traditional Set Splits

Please find below the traditional set splits.  The date listed is the last date of birth for the A section.  


Trad Set U8 6/17/2010

Trad Set U9 6/4/2009

Trad Set U10 6/25/2008

Trad Set U11 8/3/2007

Trad Set U12 8/5/2006

Trad Set U13 7/10/2005

Friday, November 16, 2018


Girls U13 Solo, Ballroom C, 8:00, 10:15, 1:15

Coral Punch


Girls U12 Solo, Ballroom B, 8:00, 9:30, 12:00

Bailey Ford


Traditional Set U11A, Ballroom D (Marriott) 9:00

Avery Bell

Niamh Ryan


Traditional Set U9A, Ballroom B, 9:00

Sonja Curley

Autumn Escher


Traditional Set U11B, Ballroom D (Marriott) 9:30

Kateri Golding

Lexi Wilson

Lula Punch


Girls U10 Solo, Ballroom C, 9:30, 11:45, 3:00

Annabelle Chown

Delaney Kavnaugh


Traditional Set U7, Ballroom D (Marriott), 10:30

Will Rahilly-Montoure

Lauren Hines


Traditional Set U10B, Ballroom D (Marriott), 11:15

Teagan Tierney

Violet Roche


Girls U11 Solos, Ballroom A, 11:15, 12:15, 3:30

Colleen Mahoney

Nina Pierre

Madeline Schnitzer


Traditional Set U10A, Ballroom D (Marriott), 1:00

Priscilla LaBranche




Saturday November 17, 2018


U15 Solos, Ballroom C, 8:00, 10:00, 1:45

Charlotte LaBranche 

Ella Kelly


Traditional Set U15, Ballroom D (Marriott) 9:00

Leanna Malone

 Sonia Abdel-Fatta

Tess Olson


Traditional Set U14, Ballroom D (Marriott), 11:00

Erika Kjendal & Jonathan Ford

Sunday November 18, 2018


Girls Ceili U12, 8 Hand Reel, Ballroom C, 9:00

Colleen, Madeline, Lula, Delaney, Niamh, Nina, Annabelle, Violet


Girls 4 Hand U8, Ballroom A, 9:00

Lauren, Quinn, Annie, Maeve


Mixed 4 Hand U8, Ballroom A, 10:30

Lauren, Quinn, Annie, Will


Girls 4 Hand U12A, Ballroom C, 10:30

(Team C) Niamh, Teagan, Lula, Avery


Girls 4 Hand U12B, Ballroom C, 11:00

(Team A) Delaney, Nina, Madeline, Colleen

(Team B) Violet, Annabelle, Bailey, Lexi


Girls Ceili U15, 8 Hand Reel, Ballroom B, 11:30

Erika, Leanna, Ella, Charlotte, Sonia, Bailey, Tess, Coral


Girls 4 Hand U10A, Ballroom C, 11:45

(Team B) Delaney, Teagan, Priscilla, Sonja


Girls 4 Hand U10B, Ballroom A, 11:45

(Team A) Violet, Annabelle, Addison, Autumn


Girls 4 Hand U15A, Ballroom C, 1:15

(Team B) Sonia, Tess, Erika, Leanna


Girls 4 Hand U15B, Ballroom B, 1:15

(Team A) Ella, Charlotte, Coral, Bailey


Mixed 4 Hand, U15, Ballroom C, 2:30

Tess, Jonathan, Leanna, Sonia

19th Hole Event Cancelled

The Event at the 19th Hole has been Cancelled, Thursday October 11th. Thank you everyone who volunteered to dance. 

Teams 2018-2019

Team Spreadsheet

Oireachtas Syllabus

Oireachtas Website

Practices: U10, U12, and U15 teams meet Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00. U8 Teams meet Wednesdays from 6:30-7:00. U8s are also welcome to come to the Ceili introduction Class from 6:30-7:00 on Mondays for extra practice. Dancer's names in bold are team captains. Team captains are responsible for organizing practice and to check the team in. 


Feis: Teams should enter the following Fall Feis':


10/7 Forbes Feis, Quincy. *8 Hands only*

10/28 Harvest Time Feis, Burlington. *4 Hands only*

12/2 Realt na Nollag Feis, Randolph. *4 Hands only*

(12/9 Christmas Feis, Saugus. not required make up feis)


Understudies and U8 teams are not required to attend every feis. 

New England Championship Oireachtas: Teams compete Sunday, November 18 in Hartford, CT. Dancers only attending teams do not have to stay the night, however the hotel block will open on September 7 at 8:00AM and will fill within the first 15 minutes. For more information see the website:


The Following teams are eligible to enter into the Oireachtas:




U15 Mixed







U8 Mixed

U15 8 Hand (Red Dresses)

U12A 8 Hand (White Jumpers)

U10 8 Hand (White Jumpers)

U8 8 Hand (Black Skirts)


Eligibility is based off of results, attendance, and knowledge of the material. October 1st is the entry deadline. Any team that wishes to compete and has not been listed may become eligible before October 1st. The World Championships are in North Carolina this year. An 8 Hand that recalls at the Oireachtas will be qualified for the Worlds. Attached is the Oireachtas Syllabus and the Teams spreadsheet. 

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