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Friday, November 17


Traditional Set U9-A - #61A 10:00

Pricilla LaBranche

Delaney Kavanaugh

Traditional Set U9-B - #61B 10:45

Annabelle Chown

Violet Roche

Teagan Tierney

Traditional Set U10-A - #62A 1:00

Niamh Ryan

Traditional Set U10-B - #62B 2:00

Emily Decker

Ninal Pierre

Lula Punch

Traditional Set U11A - #63A 2:30

Bailey Ford

U10 Solos 8:00, Ballroom B

Colleen Mahoney

Madeline Schnitzer

U14 Solos 9:45 Ballroom C

Ella Kelly

Saturday, November 18

Traditional Set U12B - #64B 9:30

 Sage Lach

Coral Punch

Traditional Set U13B - #65B 10:30

Erika Kjendal

Traditional Set U14B - #66B 1:30

Charlotte LaBranche

Tess Olson

Sonia Abdel-Fattah

U18 Solos 12:30, Ballroom B

Robin Moynihan

Sunday, November 19


4 Hand O15B 10:30, Ballroom C

Mixed 4 Hand U15 2:00, Ballroom B

4 Hand U12A 9:00, Ballroom B

4 Hand U10 1:00, Ballroom C

8 Hand U10 3:15, Ballroom C

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