School Costumes

Next order Deadline is Wednesday, August 13th. late entries will be accepted until August 19th with a $15 late fee. 

All School costumes are custom made by Prime Dress Designs. Orders are done twice a year, once in August and in January. For pricing and costume information see the Prime Dress Pricing Sheet . ORDER PROCESS


For dancers Pre-Beginner, Beginner, and Advanced Beginner. skirts should also order a white blouse and maroon vest. Skirts are $175.    


For boys of every level. Please wear black socks, black dance pants, gold tie, and either a white or black shirt. Vests are $150. 

Sleeveless Dress (CLICK HERE) *Must select "Sleevless Dress"

For dancers Novice-Prizewinner up to U13. Dancers must wear black tights. Please order from Mary Devlin. Must wear loose curled bun topper. Sleeveless dresses are $250, size depending. 


For dancers U13+. Dancers should wear black tights. Please order from Mary Devlin​. Must wear full wigs in either black or blonde. Dresses are $650, size depending.


Used costumes are available for purchase from the school consignment shop. There is a $10 consignment fee.